Build a Strong Foundation for your child through our Lil’ Samurai Program!

Lil’ Samurai (4-6)

Our class is the stepping stone your child's endless creativity and path to lifelong success!

This program is developed for Preschool and Kindergarten children.  The aim of the program has three goals:

  1. The study of martial arts improves hand-eye coordination, gross motor skill and the ability to perform compound movements. These children are taught simple martial arts techniques in a dynamic and disciplined environment.
  2. Stretching and physical fitness modules are an integral part of this program to develop positive lifelong habits at an early age.
  3. Intangible life-skills are taught in our program.  Words like confidence, discipline and focus  are woven into the fabric of every class.

Sign them up today for a lifetime of health and happiness.

Where Kids Acquire the Skills and Values they will carry as they get older!

Junior Beginner (Ages 7-12)

This program is designed for children with two goals in mind:

  1. This program is a beginner class taught at an exciting, dynamic pace. The modules of this class focus on proper body mechanics, physical fitness and self-defense.
  2. It is designed to give children an adequate chance to see if martial arts is something they want to pursue long-term and give them all the tools necessary to do so.

As your child keeps growing and discovering the world, we are here to help them gain necessary skills and values.